Hanasaku Iroha – 10

Looks like Ohana’s sick, eh?

Well we were all expecting that since last episode so, no surprises here. 37.9 C isn’t really that much of a fever…

That doesn’t stop people from visiting her.

Jiroumaru seriously, what the hell?

Oooh those lips with Minko’s strawberries… Er that may have come out wrong. Okay rephrase.

Ohana with the strawberries Minko gave her. Uhhuh.

And Tohru’s expresion www. Tohru x Ohana teasinggggg, heh.

Nako comes in too to give what looks like…baby food? Or something mashed. Probably mashed bananas?

Whatever it is, lucky Ohana and Nako’s siblings. I would totally do the same as her brother; fall sick to eat Nako’s er…whatever that thingy is.

Mmhm that may have come out wrong too…

Ohana begins doubting her usefulness in the inn. And is obviously found out.

Minko somewhat encourages Ohana. Tsundere attitude www. :3

Nako comes into the picture after she discovers Ohana’s phone.

See Ohana you’re wanted! >D

And Sui and Tomoe chase away Enishi and Jiroumaru. Tomoe with those arms… kowaii! ><

Ohana eventually fell asleep and no longer doubted herself. The End.

Sounds kinda cliched, but it's also kinda touching.

My reaction for this episode:

It was a really awesome and touching episode, I guess. ^^

And hell yes, Nako. We need more of that smile. D<

Next episode:

Ohana…picking a fight?

Oh…my god.

Ohana made it sound like she was getting chased by a bunch of gangsters.

Things seem to be getting more intense next episode…

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