Hidan no Aria – 08

HNGGGG I never knew Jeanne d’Arc’s descendant looked so hot.

So apparently Durandal’s the 30th descendant Jeanne d’Arc. Well, so we know that Durandal’s a descendant of a Puella Magi.

Referring to Durandal as Jeanne now (that’s her name too). It’s obviously not Jeanne d’Arc since she’s already not in our world.

Yeah, so a fight occurs between Shirayuki, Kinji and Aria. Aria has her hands frozen by Durandal but Shirayuki heals them. Wow, I never knew espers can heal. Oh well, I guess Academy City does have a wide range of espers…

Kinji stays with Aria as Shirayuki unveils her secret move…

Wait, a flaming sword, where have I seen it before...

Ohmygod Shirayuki has the Nietono no Shana!

And the almighty Nietono no Shana cleaves Jeanne’s sword (which happens to be called Durandal as well ._.). Which is a given since it’s Shana’s awesome sword.

What’s Shirayuki doing with it anyway? D<

Okay, in the end Shirayuki owned Jeanne with the Nietono no Shana, made the poor girl from E.U. cry with her broken sword (which was supposedly one that could cut through everything), and arrested Jeanne.

Oh well, at least we had a resolution.

And things are finally going back to normal, hehe.

Aria has two slaves— I mean, partners now.

Wait wait, how did you get that key, Aria…

And passing the key to Shirayuki’s probably a very bad idea orz. For Kinji, at least.

www Shirayuki sees through Aria with those yandere eyes of hers.

Oh, and Shirayuki’s real name’s apparently Himiko, a shortened version of Hiiro-no-Miko (Scarlet Priestess, if you will). -shrug-

I like the name Shirayuki more. :3

Next episode:

Yum yum, Riko’s back.

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