The World God Only Knows II – 08

It may be a filler episode, but that doesn’t stop Keima from being abused.

So this time we have a filler-ish sort of episode. Yes, that means no Jun Nagase. And yes, that means I’ll be sad for one more week.

Actually no, TWGOK II 09’s already come out, so I’ll just grab the Chihiro subs and enjoy Jun.

That is, if the next episode’s about Jun. God smite them if it’s not Jun.

Okay, back to the episode.

In the first half we’ve Keima giving us a lecture on the history of galge (which wasn’t exactly very informative) and then Elsie trying to buy a galge for Keima.

Welcome to the world of yaoi, Elsie.

Apparently that galge had three editions orz.

Elsie used elimination and picked out the correct title until she saw a 33,600 yen title (seriously, 33,600 yen!?). Apparently Keima taught her to get the most expensive title when in doubt. Tsk.

Ouch man, ouch. An anime. @.@

Okay, on to the second half.

Uh, Keima’s day of gaming got ruined by Haqua dropping over.

Wait, whatttttt?!

Oh Haqua, you freakin’ troll. :3

Haqua brings over this really awesome looking pyramid with moving dolls that she’s doing for her report. Which would’ve been really really awesome if not for the fact that she’s doing it to report her mistake three episodes earlier.

Apparently the dolls are controlled by a really advanced voice control system. Wow, Hell sure has advanced technology… Beat that, Steve Jobs.

Haqua’s ego gets into her way as she (and Keima) mess about with the events of that day, which results in Haqua stepping on the microphone.

Doll sex orz.

Aaaand I had completely no idea how it came to this.

Elsie wrath mode even more orz.


It’s hinted towards the end that Haqua may have used the report as an excuse to come see Keima. Really now, Haqua?

Oh, and Keima got locked out of his house. Heh.

Next episode:

Fyeah, Jun-sensei! I want I want! :D

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