New headphones, another part of my life.

Yes yes, admire the awesomeness and beauty of my new headphones. :D

Alright, it probably isn’t that awesome in terms of sound quality and the like since it’s a relatively entry-level headphone (the real good ones are at least twice the price of mine). Bought it for $52.20, apparently there was a 10% sale going on.

The headphones didn’t come with a pouch initially but the saleslady there was so kind, she gave me a pouch free of charge. So now I have a pouch to keep my headphones, so cool!

The EpiCentre bag was so red and sexy I decided to take a photo of it. Yeaaah sexy red carrier!

I haven’t tried my headphones yet, but I guess I will now! Off to watch AnoHana with my new headphones!

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