The World God Only Knows II – 09

Ahhh yes the Jun Nagase arc キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━!!!!

Yeah since this is more of an introductory episode to the Jun Nagase arc, there’s not really much story here except that we’re introduced to a 21-year old, awesomely cute and hot student teacher that is Jun herself. Yes, candy for my eyes and ears.

And since there isn’t much story here I’ll just throw lots of pictures.

Ahhhh Jun’s so cute. As expected of any Aki-chan voiced character!

You sure know your stuff, random classmate in Keima’s class. Heh.

Aaaand everyone just loves Jun. So lovable! Not like you, Mr. Kodama. D<

Keima's amazing too in this episode, but in different ways.

Wthhhhh 10 PSPs? Keima sure is rich.

Looks like he’s rich mentally too. Goddammit, if I can get even 90% for all of my subjects I would be hitting a cap of 5.0 already! D<

NUUUUU kaketama you do not enter Jun-sensei. Well fine, it has to enter Jun, otherwise she wouldn’t be the heroine of the arc.

But gahhhhhh bad kaketama is bad kaketama. D<

And well, apparently Jun's very proactive (as expected of a Aki-chan voiced character!), taking the first steps to approach Keima, which she sees as having problems in society (yes it's pretty obvious, Keima).

Looks like Keima's going to get captured hahaha.

Interested to see how this episode'll pan out. I wanna see Jun in full awesomeness!

Next episode:

School…wars? What, everyone fighting for Jun? xD

And 3D Elsie in meido fuku! :D

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