Denpa Onna – 09

We’re back to awesome Denpa Onna episodes. :D

Not to say that the past few episodes weren’t great, but we’re back to the craziness that’s Denpa Onna with this episode!

I won’t go through the plot this time since there really isn’t any to speak of for this episode, so I’ll just go with screencaps like I usually do.

Mmhm Meme goodness which we’ve missed for quite some time (last episode didn’t really count hehehe).

Yum yum choco banana ufufu!

Meme actually calls back to report these? How responsible (for Meme, that is)!

Okay maybe not.

As expected of Meme, she still knocks people out when she’s 40! Well, she’s a MILF aunt… >D

Oh yes, Erio goodness. :D

HNGGGGG I can’t stop looking at this awesomely cute picture of Erio. HNGGGG.

Ahahahaha www Maekawa’s cosplay is epic as always.

Oh, and there was a certain Hanazawa-san too, in the baseball scene. Voiced by Hanazawa Kana. Ahh, get it? I’m sure you do. SHAFT likes to play on these kind of things, eh?

Watching Erio run about the yard with a futon wrapped around her head was pretty moe in a way, too.

Anything with Erio’s probably moe~

We have an introduction towards the end, a self-proclaimed ESPer? Academy City sure is releasing lots of these espers to other dimensions…

And Erio’s face HNGGGG.

Good to see Makoto’s puberty points going in the positive direction. :3

Next episode:

Oh wow, aliens again?

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