Hanasaku Iroha – 11

Ohana, the number of stars filled should tell you that it’s 5/10 instead of 5/5!

Okay, so we finally see the results of Ohana’s hard work two episodes earlier (yes, when Takako was being stupid), which turned out really badly (come on, 5/10 isn’t a good score).

Yeah, even Ohana’s uncle has to run to tell Takako the news…

Which get quite a number of stares from the crew.

And Jiroumaru starts acting like an idiot again.

"Hey Ohana-chan, I really wanna visit that hotel which's going to throw Kissuiso and Fukuya out of business!"

Yuina-hime appears once more! No fake accent this time, though…

But come on, Yuina, can you act more like a main character so your page on MyAnimeList can get restored back to a “main character” one (Yuina’s now only a “supporting character” in Hanasaku Iroha, according to MAL DDD:)?

Ohana’s annoyed face is…undeniably cute www. :D

Ohana goes all the way back to Tokyo to look for the person who wrote that review about Kissuiso. Uh, wow.

And found out that the person in question is actually her wonderful mom. orz

Oh noes super strained mother-daughter relationship.

Which eventually leads to this. Well, she had it coming…

And Ohana’s one hell of a stubborn girl, so she probably won’t be budging from that spot…

I don’t know what to say about this face. It’s so ugly it’s cute, I guess? :D

Ohana pouting’s great. >.<

Also, Ohana meets her Ko-chan back in the city, realizes that she now has competition in the love field, and also the fact that she hasn't actually given Ko her answer yet. Well, add some Ohana-style jealousy into this, too…

All this eventually builds up and Ohana just breaks down as she's running through the streets of Tokyo. Well, I would too, if I had to face the same issues as she did.

Minko and Tohru go over to Tokyo and uh, see Ohana in her pathetic state.

And the adventures in Tokyo continue the next episode.

Next episode:

"Goddammit get me that ebi plushie, you stupid machine!"

Er, having fun in Tokyo, you two?

Ahhh I want Sundays to come faster naoooo. D<

Ohana sure has alot to handle…

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