Denpa Onna – 10

This is exactly the reason why I watch Denpa Onna.

Go screw yourself if you thought that that picture of Erio wasn’t awesomely cute. TELL ME IT IS. BECAUSE IT REALLY IS.

Okay, putting apart the Erio fanboying, we have a new character this time.

So apparently that self-proclaimed esper (and alien, incidentally) is revealed to be a white-haired girl called Hoshimiya Yashiro that’s coincidentally voiced by Iguchi Yuka. Hang on, doesn’t this look kinda familiar… *coughIndexcough*

Maekawa dresses up as some reptile girl this time? Looks good to me.

Ahh Ryuuko cuteness. And it seems that she’s taking lots of initiatives. Ahh Makoto you lucky bastard.

Following Ryuuko’s phone call the previous day, Makoto wakes up to find…

Yashiro sitting in the living room with Meme.

Meme sure comes up with the right attitude to answer Makoto, eh….

And the rest of the episode is spent showing Makoto jumping into a school’s pool along with Yashiro. No fanservice though, you dirty people. xD

Oh well, we have a cute picture of Erio at the end to make up for that! :D

A net gain of 0 points this episode. Tsk tsk, Makoto-kun. D<

Next episode:

Looks like we have a lot next episode.

Uh yeah, and Meme, too.

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