Hidan no Aria – 10

Uh okay, so Riko’s back?

I don’t really know what’s going on here anymore, to be honest.

Aria and Kinji receive a new mission where they have to infiltrate one of the EU, Vlad’s mansion. Apparently Vlad has stolen something which is dear to Riko, and Riko wants it back.

So I presume that’s why Riko’s on the same side as Aria/Kinji, and why Aria isn’t taking out her guns and shooting Riko.

And since Aria and Kinji have to dress up as a maid and butler respectively, Riko has Aria try on a meido fuku

I guess it didn’t look too cute on Aria, eh.

And Riko has awesome English skills. xD

And this is what Riko’s special training does to Aria. Those eyes… ._____.

Looks like Jeanne’s back! That pair of megane and bad drawing, HNGGGGG.

Oh, apparently she’s now a Butei. I’m not sure how it worked, but apparently she made a deal with the judge.

Is that even allowed?!

And that’s a drawing of Vlad’s weak points, in case anyone was wondering.

The eyecatch for this episode was so beautiful I had to put it in.

Apparently it’s another one of Riko’s plans for Kinji’s special training. Hmm, I’m not sure how that worked out…

I guess it’s to see which girl makes Kinji enter hysteria mode other than Riko?

Which happened to be Aria, by the way.

What is this I don’t even—

A wolf (or at least, something that looks like a wolf of sorts) breaks into the infirmary and Kinji chases it along with Reki.

Eventually Reki shows off her awesome sniping and taming skills and tames the wolf with a single bullet.

Back in Kinji’s apartment, Aria goes crazy shooting Kinji for peeping.

But where’s Shirayuki?! D<

Next episode:

Woah, Aria knows her stuff.

Okay, we’ll get to see them in action next week. Though I’m not really looking forward to that.

2 thoughts on “Hidan no Aria – 10

  1. A_Luvn_Writer

    I am the same as you!! I am currently watching this!!! I am always talking about manga and anime…I’m a sucker for the shojo. I’m American though. I love your blog!! I’m following it!!! Lolz!!


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