Hanasaku Iroha – 12

Oh…my god.

And Ohana’s probably the only one who can say this with such…determination.

And Tohru’s probably the only one who’ll go along with her. But the condition being that Ohana take Ko-chan along was awesome! Tohru’s now awesome. :3

Sad to say, plans fell through as Ohana realized she was imposing on Ko-chan after a meeting with that girl from the bookstore. And I guess she realized that in the end, whether she was the one hurting or the one getting hurt, everyone just wanted to make things better for her.

Yeah, so she somehow forgave her mom. Uhhuh.

Minchi doesn’t get a better fate this episode, even though she went on a “date” with Tohru. Eating that many bentos in one go, I would be throwing up all over the place by the second one (she threw up the third time we saw her eat).

And er, there’re gigantic sushi plushies in Tokyo? Gosh I really want one.

Tohru got away with 7 bags of plushies. You have to wonder how much time and money he spent on getting those plushies. Or maybe he’s just really good at the crane game…

Ohana’s mom eventually leaves with Ohana to Kissuiso though, so I guess Ohana succeeded in the end? .______.

Next episode:

Ohana drooling… www

Next week is set to be the meeting between Satsuki and her mom. Things are probably going to get messy. I’m expecting arguments.

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