The World God Only Knows II – 10

There’s no conquest where it doesn’t involve getting Keima beaten up, eh?

A pretty meh episode, pretty much like the discovery episode where Keima finds out the way to tackle the girl in question.

Keima’s attempts to annoy Nagase end up in failure as Nagase proves to quite the genki teacher (heh, don’t underestimate an Aki Toyosaki-voiced character).

Nagase even got a PFP to connect with Keima, awww (if she had gotten white she would have the same color as Aki-chan’s PSP!). She’s so proactive that it gets kinda scary sometimes…

Ahhhh I would die for that smile, HNGGGG.

However, behind Nagase’s cheerful demeanor lies a depressed personality. Not sure of the details, we’ll have to watch the next episode. Also, Nagase was once part of the basketball team with Nikaido.

I need my subs for Kami Nomi S2 faster, dammit. Commie isn’t giving the subs when I need them! I guess I might have to go with HorribleSubs, though I don’t really want that…

Next episode:

Ahhh I guess this is the ending for the Nagase arc (NUUUUUUUU T.T).

But why is the fanart one of Nikaido-sensei! I want my Nagase-sensei! >.>

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