Dog Days – 13 END

What a waste, Seven Arcs.

The ending was sweet enough, but come on, don’t tell me that was all you could come up with.

After 13 episodes of Dog Days, it finally ends, with an ending that sounds too draggy, to say the least.

Not to mention the deus ex machina. Oh, the horror.

Transformation sequence...initiate!

To put it in short, after a series of goodbyes and a really long walk in the forest with Eclair, Shinku goes through reverse-summoning and gets sent back to his world. And as predicted by Ricotta, he forgets everything he’s went through in Flonyard, with amnesia over the 2 weeks that’ve passed.

Never underestimate the power of Google Googoo.

Becky gets worried over him, blahblah, he goes over to his cousin’s house and we see how much of a hottie she is, etcetc. Seems like our hero’s never going to remember his days in Flonyard and Biscotti.

And they like to rape each other for fun, too.

But wait, it seems that there’s now a way! In a book which Kuroneko Noir has brought to Ricotta, it seems that there’s a way to summon Shinku back. Oh wow, out of a sudden there’s a letter embedded in a book, such important information hidden in such an inconspicuous place (seriously, a letter in a book?), in Galette’s library no less.

Apparently now what they need is three items from Shinku, a written agreement from Shinku that he wants to return to Flonyard, and 91 days. Wow, the ticket to coming back seems so easy to obtain compared to the return ticket.

What else is there? Oh yes, apparently Shinku’s memories are in a locked state, not deleted. Magic sure is lazy to lock memories instead of deleting them. It’s as if they expected Shinku to return.

OH and the dog apparently has free access to the human realm whenever it wants, delivering Palladion to Shinku and making him remember everything.

So Dog Days ends like this as the credits roll with an awesome ED sung by Milhiore and we see Milhiore waiting at the place where Shinku was summoned holding the watch he gave her.

End of summary.

Seriously, the revelation that there was a way to re-summon the hero sounded very…rushed and like some deus ex machina method. Couldn’t there have been a better way to go about doing this, instead of a letter falling out of books from Galette? And what about the conditions required to re-summon Shinku? It sounded as if Shinku knew from the start that he could come back by leaving things with people and a written letter. Gosh.

I can’t believe the ending, really. The villain of the series (that giant evil fox thingy) was defeated in an episode, then we have an episode of Milhiore singing and the cast doing random things, and then finally two episodes of saying goodbyes. Is the pacing supposed to be like that? Can’t we have some better drama instead?

Having said that, Dog Days wasn’t that bad of a series to start with. It started off with a bishounen being summoned to a place full of people with nekomimis and moe characters all over the place, along with wonderful seiyuu to match their personalities.

But why? Why make the pacing so messed up in the end? It’s as if it doesn’t do justice to the characters involved.

Oh well, at least it didn’t have a troll ending like [C]. And it was a rather good attempt to make a new series, if I should say so myself.

Final thoughts

Enjoyed: Yes, but the ending was… meh.
Rating: 7/10
Rewatch value: I might, if I’m bored, but only the first few episodes.

Favorite character: Eclair, hell yeah!
Favorite episode: Episode 12, for no particular reason.

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