Hanasaku Iroha – 13

Yes, that's obviously true, Satsuki.

Satsuki’s in Kissuiso! Time for the three generations to unite!

So Satsuki’s (that’s Ohana’s mom, for those who forgot) now in Kissuiso, Madam Manager assigns Nako to be Satsuki’s waitress, while Enishi and Tomoe worry for Nako’s impending fate.

"Hey, you there. Wanna...have some fun?" *wink wink*

Oh no Satsuki, stop flirting with Nako! @.@

Looks like Enishi and Tomoe’s worries weren’t completely unfounded. >.<

Nako can’t take Satsuki’s compliment (that she has pretty eyes) www.

A bit of flashbacks too, where Satsuki and Enishi’s childhood was shown briefly…

Poor Enishi.

Enishi didn’t have a very good childhood, did he? Satsuki, on the other hand…

And after this is just Satsuki-Ohana-MadamManager interactions. Which proved to be really well executed. No screencaps, but still awesome.

The character development it gave to each of the three women in the Shijima household was truly amazing. And the heart-to-heart bonding (well, somewhat) between them was kinda touching as well. Seems like Satsuki doesn’t truly hate Kissuiso nor her mother (and probably vice versa, too).

And Satsuki gives criticisms that can serve the inn much better than Takako can ever achieve, thank you very much.

What would a Hanasaku Iroha episode be without awesome Ohana expressions?

And Ohana getting drunk from drinking soda is…epic win. There’s not even any alcohol in soda in the first place! xD

Next episode:

YES BEACH EPISODE YES. There had better be Nako in her mizugi, or I’ll be complaining to P.A. Works about this.

And it looks like it’s an episode focusing mainly on Yuina so…yeah, more Yuina-hime!

But I want Nako’s development episode, when can I have it? DDDD:

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