The World God Only Knows II – 11

Ahhhh this is probably the last time I’ll be seeing Nagase’s smile for a long time…

The Nagase arc is now over with this episode. ;_;

Keima takes off his megane and turns on his bishounen mode. www He can be quite cute if he wants to!

Nagase being really enthusiastic about the match. Woh!

And the outfit that Nagase wears to the pro wrestling match’s kinda cute, too! White hoodie ftw!

Awesomely cute face from Nagase there~

Keima finds out the problem with Nagase (like he usually does) and successfully solves the problem. Credits roll and…

Wait, no kiss?! DDDDD:

Nah, just kidding.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for: Nagase’s kiss scene www!

Yes, awesome kiss is awesome, but it kinda lacked impact, perhaps because it was delayed to the post-ending scenes so…

Still awesome anyway.

I’m going to miss Aki Toyosaki’s voice in Kami Nomi from now on now that Nagase’s arc’s over. DDDD:

Oh well, at least I’ll be able to hear her voice as Nako in Hanasaku Iroha 13 (post on that later in the day)~

Last episode, what will be seeing?

Next episode:

Summer…wars? .________.

OH OH and a marvelous picture of Nagase~

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