Denpa Onna – 11

This is…awesome, to say the least.

Nothing much happens in this episode, so I won’t be going through the story (not like there was one to begin with)…

Except that Makoto gets invited into Maekawa’s house, that lucky bastard.

Yashiro sneaks into Maekawa’s house to steal tomatoes www.

Yes, it pretty is, Maekawa.

Makoto plays some games with Maekawa.

They still have that retro version of Mario Kart LOL.

The second half of the episode focuses on Ryuuko’s upcoming basketball match. But before that, a phone call…

HNGGG ERIO. No one’s going to resist this face.

AHHHHH ERIO POUTING. Gosh this is too much for my body to handle.

Eventually matchday comes, and Makoto goes over to watch Ryuuko play. Apparently it’s her first game, and she’s screwing up everywhere.

Ryuuko gets a free throw eventually, but starts wavering. Luckily Makoto’s there to rescue her and give her an encouragement speech that enabled her to take the two throws with ease.

But seriously, do you need to use 3 minutes to actually take a free throw… .___.

Looks like Makoto’s racking up his puberty points well! :D

Next episode’ll be the final one. I’m sad, but I’ll want to see how this turns out~

Oh, and there had better be some Meme-awesomeness in the next episode. D<

Next episode:

Weird episode title, but at least it sounds cool. 1.98 x 10^-9! :D

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