Hanasaku Iroha – 14

Yuina-hime! And a beach episode. Whoooh.

Story-wise, it’s finally Yuina’s turn for her character development arc (yeah yeah, where’s Nako’s?!), and it seems that…she has some issues regarding working at an inn.

Oh, and apparently Yuina has a fiance called Yosuke. Seems to remind me of Tohru, but then again, at least Tohru doesn’t act like a total douchebag.

And that speech at the end where Yuina said it straight to Yosuke’s face that she didn’t want to take over an inn…must have hurt badly. Yosuke probably deserved that, though.


HNGGG Ohana.

Needless to say, a picture speaks a thousand words.

HNGGG Yuina.

And a picture of Yuina speaks two thousand words.

www Minko.

LOL at Ohana and Yuina throwing Minko into the sea. Seems like she’s now the comedic character, hehe.


And yes, Nako in her mizugi! Well I wasn’t expecting anything flashy from a competitive swimsuit, but this is okay too! :D

Next episode:

Probably full of arguments between Ohana and Yuina over how their attitude should be towards their respective inns, judging from the preview. Expect more drama (like we didn’t know that from Day 1)!

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