Ikoku Meiro no Croisée – 01

This is awesomely cute, and I’ve a feeling this’ll turn out to be a wonderful anime~

Toyama Nao’s doing a wonderful job as Yune, too. It’s making her all so moe!

You're not going to reject Yune right, Claude?

No one can resist this face, I swear.

To be honest, I was kinda confused at first when Japanese and French all sounded like Japanese (as in, in-anime they’re speaking “French” but they’re really speaking Japanese), but I’m glad they explained the language barrier all in the end with Yune actually understanding French all this while. So now they’re all speaking “French” (which is in reality, Japanese).

It beats everyone speaking in French, anyway.

D'aww Yune you're such a sweetie~

Ahhh Yune’s so sweet~

And the narrator speaks in French at the end! I kinda like it because it gives the anime the “France” atmosphere, hehe.

Next episode:

Fromage is probably one of the few French words I know right now. Cheese~

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