Denpa Onna – 12 END

So it’s come to this, eh?

To be honest, I was fairly sure that the end would encompass the baseball thing, so this is not unexpected.

A pretty solid ending with Makoto showing his powers in baseball as he leads his district to a win for the festival. Pity there weren’t any scenes of the festival, I would’ve loved to see Erio in a yukata HNGGGG.

Oh well, at least we have this scene. Erio in a ponytail HNGGGGG.

Maekawa’s dugong cosplay outfit’s fine, too. :D

And wait, no tabulation of Makoto’s seishun points? I is disappointed.

Next episode:


Final thoughts

Enjoyed: There’s no way I couldn’t have enjoyed myself.
Rating: 8/10
Rewatch value: Not much, but might do it if I want some Erio moe~

Favorite character: Erio! Yum yum moe!
Favorite episode: Episode 3. Just because there’s Erio being awfully snarky. :D

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