Mayo Chiki! – 01

Damn, Mayo Chiki’s too awesome. Kitamura Eri voicing an ojou? I want!

Totally abusing the power of money? I want!

Best part of all, she’s an “S”! :D

Yep, “S” for Sadist!

OH SHI-----

The main male female lead, however, is still Subaru so…

Yes, she’s an awesomely moe butler. Like Hayate is.

The stereotypical “perfect-in-all-areas” butler gets his her identity blown out to an unlucky high school guy… cliche, but I’ll go along with it.

Especially when there’s Kitamura Eri voicing a “S” ojou, and Iguchi Yuka voicing the moe butler. :D

Oh, there’s Asumi Kana here too! Voicing a meganekko with nekomimi! Wow~

And Kana Hanazawa as Kinjirou’s over-genki sister, I’m okay with this (especially after Fractale, yes)!

My crossdressing butler can't be this cute!

For some reason the first thing I thought of when I saw this was…Kirino orz.

Next episode:

This can’t be good.

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