Ikoku Meiro no Croisée – 02

Yune’s adventures in France continue this week~

So in this episode we have Yune trying to adapt to a French life, which results in a few hilarious scenes…

Yune being awesomely cute as she tries to tear the bread. And get used to a French breakfast being “cold”. Remember that Japanese usually have hot meals for breakfast!

Yune forcing herself to accept coffee. Awww.

Your reaction's completely different from what you say, Yune~

And insisting that the coffee tastes nice even though she finds it bitter.

This is Yune’s true face of delight. Damnnnnn so moe~

D’aww Yune, always thinking of others.

This episode was a pretty decent one, I guess. Looks like Yune’s starting to fit into France, although she still has some issues with the food, hehe.

The part where Yune said she wants to come to like the food because Claude and his grandfather enjoys it so much kinda touched me. Trust me to be a sucker for lolis saying such stuff. :/

Still holding high hopes for this anime. Here’s hoping the animation quality and awesomeness continues~

Next episode:

Looks like a new character’s set to appear next week. Ojou, it seems.

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