Hanasaku Iroha – 15

"What're you saying, I know how to clean the floor too...I think."

www Yuina doesn’t know how to clean the floors. Yosuke isn’t happy about that. :D

This episode was…less dramatic than I would’ve expected, but I’m okay with that, too. Instead of having a tension filled scene where Ohana and Yuina argue it out (as I would’ve expected from the preview last episode), we have Yuina being shamed that Ohana’s being more enthusiastic and hardworking about the inn business than she is, and a self-realization that because of how close she was to Fukuya, she’s formed this misconception about working in an inn. Glad she found out about the fun of working in an inn~

I guess we got to see a rather negative side of Yuina-hime (spoiled, to be precise). And it turned out that Yosuke’s a rather nice guy too, but he was a bit too strict with the part-time workers in the previous episode. Not like the part-time workers didn’t deserve that anyway, they were being pretty bitchy.

Oh, seems like even Yosuke’s taken a liking to Ohana. Everyone loves Ohana!

And Minchi raping fighting with Ohana in the ofuro was kinda hilarious. Fanservice much? :D

"Hey Jiroumaru, like your gift full of ero-ness?"

And the gifts they bought back www.

Next episode:



This sky, That sky, thatredsky.

Too bad it isn’t Nako’s arc yet, though. Looks set to be one revolving around Enishi.

When’s Nako getting her arc, dammit!

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