Chemical equilibria, f”(x) and electrostatics.

No one ever said Math was easy.

Third week into the new school term, and I’m er, doing okay, I guess?

The workload now isn’t particularly hard, but I do find myself struggling sometimes for Chemistry and Physics. Those two just aren’t my strong points, sigh….

Cell Bio this semester isn’t very much better either, currently I’m just slacking in class and taking each lesson as it passes. I should probably start revising a bit.

Math’s kinda fun, I guess? Although calculus’ been rather tiring, I guess I somewhat like doing Math. Since it’s one of the only subjects which I’m better at, I guess doing Math makes me feel smart. Yes, I need to fuel my ego.

Been listening to quite some radio shows these few days. In Japanese, of course. Been listening to Aki-chan’s radio show, Toyosaki Aki no Okaeri Radio. And also Kana-tan’s Hanazawa Kana no Hitori Dekiru Kana?, it’s pretty good as well. I should probably listen to Ayana Taketatsu’s radio show as well. Though sadly, I can only understand up to 40% of the talks because I’m not that good in Japanese yet. I’m only a quarter-fluent, remember?

But hey, these radio shows do help, somehow I can feel my listening skills increasing bit by bit. I do hope it makes my listening skills good enough to be able to converse properly with the Japanese when they come two weeks later for exchange. Yeah, I was engaging in really poor conversations last year when they came, I hope to rectify that this year!

Speaking of which, I’ve already finished the entire semester’s worth of Japanese worksheets. Technically speaking I’m more prepared for the syllabus than the rest of the class, but meh, I’m careless and I forget stuff easily. Gosh.

Oh well, I’ll have to take it as it comes. .____________.

Summer’s been awesome so far, so I hope it continues to be awesome. :D

Oh, and Shizuka Ito’s coming over to Singapore for STGCC! So excited about that, I might buy the tickets to see her! They’re priced at $10 for the admission fee, so it’s still within my allowance~

On the other hand, SCANDAL’s making their live in Singapore on 16 September 2011, and tickets start from $75. I wouldn’t have enough money for that since I’m already saving for AFA 2011, so I guess that’ll be a miss.

I would pay $75 for a sphere concert, though. :D

Speaking of which, sphere’s TV show’s in two days! As well as Hikasa Youko’s birthday! ワクワクする!

Okay, it seems like I’m prattling on and on. Guess I’ll end here for now.

Don’t expect another “Life” post anytime soon, hehehe. xD

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