Oh My God.

Oh My God, indeed.

With this, Tomacchan’s new single is now released! It sounds pretty good so I would recommend people to listen to it! 聞いてみてください!

It’s the ED to the summer anime Nekogami Yaoyorozu, which is also a nice anime! Not going to cover it, but it’s pretty funny. Plus there’s Ayacchi, Hocchan, Tomacchan and Aki-chan! More than enough reason to watch!

The B-side Orange☆Smoothie is awesome as well, so do listen to it as well!

I would say I liked this more than Nagisa no SHOOTING STAR, at any rate.

The cover shown above’s the DVD+CD Limited Edition cover for the single. The CD version is shown below:

Yeah, I would say it looks good as well, but I still prefer the DVD+CD cover. :D

This post wouldn’t be complete without a video embed of the PV, no? Here it is!

Rather plain, but I kinda like it. Sore demo jimi da ne!


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