Mayo Chiki! – 02

I think I just fell in love. With Mayo Chiki!.

This week’s Mayo Chiki! focuses more on the interactions between Jirou and Subaru. While that means that yes, we get some blushes from our resident tsundere and lewd imaginations from our pervert of a protagonist, that also sadly means that there’s less scenes of Kanade. Boo. ):

You know that this can’t be good when the “S” ojou gives this to you.

How to use your sheep ticket: 1st edition

Kanade shows Jirou (and us) 6 different ways to use that sheep ticket…wisely. xD


Jirou decides to make Subaru do this instead (yeah, say “MEHHHHH”!) during their “date” (aimed at curing Jirou’s phobia) and I gotta say, that’s the most moe “MEHHHHHHH” I’ve ever heard. Plus, Subaru in her female uniform, HNGGGGG.

Uh oh. Yandere eyes alert.

As things take a course for a change, it turns out that Kureha’s been stalking Jirou and Subaru, and now thinks that… Subaru’s a crossdressing guy. Well, at least she had the crossdressing part right…

Subaru defeats Kureha and er…

Yeah, Kureha murders her bear. Poor bear.

A few days later, however…

"Hey guess what, onii-chan? I've fallen in love with Konoe-senpai!"

Uh oh, this can’t be good.

Next episode:

Awesome title much?

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