Ikoku Meiro no Croisée – 03

Can I have some wine, please?

Gosh, Yune’s still so cute. As if we didn’t know that from the start.

This episode focuses more on Claude learning about Japan from Yune. That having said though, he does have some pretty interesting “misconceptions” about Japan. Like mistaking a tatami mat for a bed of grass. And sumo for well, a naked food fight.

As well as a Japan full of Yunes. I wouldn’t mind that, actually. The head of Oscar at the foreground does scare me, though. As if it was a pedophile looming over a land of Yunes, NUUUUUU.

And Yune looking really happy after eating that pastry called “Baba”. I do wonder how that tastes like… It’s probably filled with custard, I guess.

And Yune with the cat, darn this is simply too cute to give up. Especially with the classic dilemma of “watch the shop or the cat” played here. TOO CUTE.

No Alice, you're not taking Yune away from us! D<

And we’re presented with a glimpse of the ojou here, voiced by Yuuki Aoi. Ahhh, such awesomeness.

And apparently she wants Yune for herself. I object! D:

Next episode:

I think I just saw Claude walk into Yune changing. Or something like that. Yune fanservice? I’m okay with that!

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