Hanasaku Iroha – 16

"I totally did not cut that shrub into pieces after hearing there's a movie going to be made in Kissuiso! No, actually I did."

Meh, no drama this week. And I thought it would be an episode introducing Enishi’s character development. Well, that’s not to say there wasn’t any, but it didn’t really amount to anything.

So Enishi’s teamed up with some producer to make a movie with the setting being at Kissuiso. Apparently what the movie’ll do is to make Yunosagi popular so that people’ll come. Ironically that’s exactly what Hanasaku Iroha is doing to Yunosagi, since people’re now flocking to check out the in-anime locations in Yunosagi.

And yes, Yunosagi is a real life location in Japan.

And apparently everyone in Kissuiso’ll be starring in it. Also, Ren-san looking so stiff wwww.

To be honest, this whole shooting-a-movie thing sounds too good to be true, and I’m suspecting that there’ll be some muck-up next week like “Oh, we’ve tricked you, we just wanted a free stay at the inn!”. Yes, that’s pretty much trolling already.

Oh, and we had a little bit of character development for Enishi. Apparently he was a writer back in college and wrote (and directed) a movie about a middle school girl. I would think it’s based off his sister. Okay, that wasn’t really anything important.

I guess the plot point of Enishi being overshadowed by his sister’ll be the theme this time.

Oh, can’t forget this, Nako-service!

Next episode:

Nippon ni Ochitekita Onna.

Yuina falling through the sky? .________.

"Oh noes, I've been shot."

Ohana getting shot? .________.

The return of the...what?


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