Mayo Chiki! – 03

It is without a doubt, in bed that this happened.

Oh Kanade, you…

D'aww Kureha, don't be too disappointed. >D

Mizugi episode this time. I was expecting it (from the last episode’s preview, duh), but aren’t mizugi episodes supposed to a bit later?

Oh well, the first episode of BakaTest S2 was a mizugi episode, too. .__.

This episode was a bit more dramatic, with more focus on the character development of Subaru, and a little bit of Kanade’s character development.

Apparently they were both kidnapped when they were little (kidnapping always occurs at least once when you’re an ojou in anime anyway), and Subaru has this fear of blades.

Kanade and Kureha gets kidnapped while Jirou and Subaru are away and er…Jirou acts hero and attempts to save Kanade and Kureha on his own.

That doesn’t stop him from getting beaten up badly by the kidnapper, though. Poor thing.

Yeah, in the end it’s just your classic drama thing – Subaru gets over her fear of blades (somewhat) and saves Kanade and Kureha.

Oh, and the kidnapper was apparently Subaru’s dad sent in by Kanade to er…I don’t know, spice things up? Or maybe get Subaru to get over her fear, I don’t know.

Uh oh.

And Subaru finds out that Kanade’s now Jirou’s “lover” (see first screenshot). Jirou’s dead www.

Next episode:


Oh god, this is moe.

Oh, Kanade you teaser. And Kanade meido? Do want.

Stop staring at Subaru. D<

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