I don’t have many friends!

I don't have many friends! Just kidding.

Finally got this! Been waiting for new stock to arrive at Kinokuniya, and finally it’s here! Got the last copy, I think.

Went to Kinokuniya today in hopes of getting Hanasaku Iroha manga volume 2 (is it even released?), but saw this light novel instead. Since the anime adaptation’s coming out (with Kanae Ito as Sena Kashiwazaki, yeah!), I figured I might as well read a little to understand the plot.

And if I succeed, it’ll be the first light novel I’ve ever successfully read! Yes, reading Index SS wasn’t that much of a success.

I’ll see how it goes. Hope I can read it with my knowledge of Japanese. It’s not alot, but I hope it’s enough.

Oh, and I’ll be meeting the Japanese students from Ritsumeikan tomorrow! Yay!

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