Ikoku Meiro no Croisée – 04


This would very much be everyone’s first reaction when they see Yune, actually.

As expected, this episode deals with the ojou Alice voiced by Aoi Yuuki. Gotta admit Alice’s voiced pretty well, ohohohoho.

Alice tries many ways to keep Yune by her, even going as far as to offer Yune’s red kimono in return for staying by her side, even going as far as including Claude in the picture. Felt a bit too much even for my standards, and I would’ve have forgave Alice if Yune agreed.

Luckily Yune refused, and went home to prepare the sukiyaki she promised to cook for dinner. Her stubborn trait proves to be the saver, eh? Even Alice seems moved by it.

And d’aww Yune, her attachment to Claude’s really too touching.

To top this all up, we have some Yune fanservice!

"OH SHI-----"

Claude no ecchi!

Yune pouting’s ridiculously cute as well! =w=

Next episode:

Is Yune getting lost? ;_;

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