Hanasaku Iroha – 17

Nice attempt at being dramatic Enishi, but it’s not going to make your arc any more interesting.

All so predictable. The whole movie being a scam thing was within my expectations. In fact, I was expecting it to happen. Oh well, at least it’s over.

Just so you know, this was my face after the revelation of the whole scam thing.

Minko isn't amused by your attempt to make things more interesting by having that pool scene with Takako, Enishi.

Takako falling into the pool with Enishi was so..predictable. Takako fanservice, do not want.

My face totally changed after seeing the episode preview (look below).

Next episode:

KYAAAA Nako in a mermaid getup! *Chitose-style nosebleeding*

Nako with her siblings? DO WANT! *more fanboying*

WHOOOH it’s finally Nako’s arc! FINALLY!

Sunday come faster!

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