Hanasaku Iroha – 18

Nako’s siblings sure are cute, eh?

Way to start the new month with a new episode of Hanasaku Iroha! And furthermore, it’s Nako’s arc! Whooooh! The moment I’ve been waiting for!

"We get it already, it's your turn to shine, Nakochi." -pouts-

That having said though, it wasn’t that much of an arc, more like, an episode where Nako does some self-reflection.

This time it happens to be the problem we’ve known since 18 episodes ago: interacting with people outside her house.

There’s the clever use of the ocean and the mermaid as an analogy here, to describe Nako trying hard to get out of her “ocean” (which is her house, by the way). We’re pretty much “mermaids” (or mer-mans, whatever) living in our “ocean”, which represents our comfort zone. I thought it was a pretty good analogy here.

So Nako tries to get out of her way to change, even going so far as to spent her salary on clothes. Sad to say, that was pretty much a big waste of money.

Nako with a beret HNGGGGGGG.

But heck, at least we got to see this! Amazing how any dress looks sexy on Nako~

Apparently she was so dazzling that guys tried to hit on her www. Unforgivable. D<

And Yuina being awesomely mean. Would love to have her say that to me~

In the end it seems that Nako doesn’t really need to change, she can go on being herself. Personally I find that Nako’s fine as she is, her quiet nature’s kinda like her defining trait! MOE DESU!

And yesh, it was only one episode. Boo, I was hoping for an arc. D:

Next episode:

Looks to be a cultural festival. Yay!

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