Ikoku Meiro no Croisée – 05


Yune hanging around Claude when he’s working at staring at him all the time was kinda cute. Still, Claude must feel kinda uncomfortable…

So in this episode, Yune and Claude gets into a slight argument about the ways to treat a customer. Yune feels that one should trust their customers, while Claude’s more on the cautious side.

A little poor boy (when I mean poor, I really mean poor as in “having little or no money”) steals a candlestand when Yune opens the shop doors to him. Darn little bugger.

Yune gets lost within the Galerie du Roy after an unsuccessful chase for the thief. And she finds out that unfortunately pretty much everyone in Paris isn’t as friendly as she would’ve liked and most ignore her.

Luckily Claude found her in the end.

D’aww Claude’s so sweet. :D

Pretty good episode this time, but it felt a bit draggy at times. Also, lack of Alice was also apparent. Felt a bit boring without her musing over Yune.

Oh well, we’ll see her next episode!

Next episode:

Yune in an European dress HNGGGGG. I want I want!

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