Mayo Chiki! – 04


Oh god, Subaru with nekomimi. And it comes with a tail as well!

So apparently in this episode, Subaru’s been kicked out of the mansion and Jirou takes her in temporarily. All part of Kanade’s plan~

Where’s Kureha?

…Oh, fighting a bear during her class trip. Expected of Kureha!

Poor bear.

So Jirou spends a day with Subaru at home…

HNGGGGGG Subaru in the bath with Jirou, lucky bastard!

Ahhh Kanade comes in a meido fuku! -nosebleed-

Kanade challenges Subaru to a contest to see who can please Jirou better. Darn, you know awesome things are going to happen like that…

Kanade’s too awesome, damn cockteaser. :3

Subaru does even better, woahhhh!

Unfortunately Jirou passes out midway ’cause of an apparent cold (yes, not because it was too much for him to handle www).

Subaru tries to cure Jirou with her…unconventional methods which unfortunately includes giving the patient porridge full of chilli and spices, an elixir that looks more like poison than anything else and a stun gun to help you sleep.

No wonder Kanade told Jirou to stay alive. .__________.

Kanade expresses her wish to take Subaru back to her mansion so Jirou cooperates with her. Turns out that Subaru has been locked in a cold war with her father Nagare ever since the last episode. You can probably guess why…

Jirou presses on despite his cold to convince Subaru to go home with Kanade (and Nagare) in the end. Acting hero, eh…

Pretty nice episode with lots of HNGGGGG moments and funny scenes. However, I thought the whole “Don’t die on me, Jirou!” thing sounded a bit forced. I mean, there’s probably no way a cold and a fever with 38.1 C can kill someone. Not if it’s just a common cold caused by being doused in cold water for too long. The drama there sound a bit..unnecessary, if I have to say. Still, good episode.

Next episode:

New twin-tailed girl? Ooooh, have been seeing her in the OP/ED.

Making my Mayo Chiki! 05 post later today!

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