Mayo Chiki! – 05

Whoever thought of the idea of a mizugi cafe was a genius.

Gosh, new character called Usami (not Usagi :D)! And she’s voiced by Mariya Ise to boot!

Bad place for the spectacles to be. Wrong place, wrong time.

Jirou first meets her as he walks to school and is knocked down her scooter. LOL at Usami trying to run away after that. And even more LOL at the spectacles being stuck in her socks.

Jirou faints after getting hit by Usami and ends up in the infirmary bed. It always ends like this, doesn’t it…

Caught in the act now eh, Subaru.

Subaru gets caught by Kanade after trying to kiss Jirou through a misunderstanding. Not like Kanade cared anyway. Not going to elaborate further.

Jirou finds out that Subaru’ll kill anyone who tries to kiss Kanade. You’re in deep shit, Jirou.

Falco Punch!

Back to Usami, apparently she’s part of the S4 (Shooting Star Subaru Sama, it’s a fan club), and she wants to provoke a war between certain factions in the school, so she gets Jirou to be her pretend boyfriend. Jirou agrees after pictures of Subaru in her female getup are stored in Usami’s phone (see episode 2 to remember?).

Subaru isn’t happy to know about this (she doesn’t know about the pictures), so she delivers a Falco punch to Jirou.

Gosh Jirou, you’re going to be in a whole hell lot of trouble next week.

Oh, the blonde nekomimi girl makes an appearance. She’s voiced by Asumi Kana, so I hope to see her in the next episode!

Next episode:

Uh oh, war.

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