Hanasaku Iroha – 19

Nako doesn’t have the best naming sense, eh?

The “culture festival” arc starts this week, kicking off with Class 2-A (that’s Ohana’s class by the way) bringing up the idea of a Princess cafe. They sure know how to use their resources.

So apparently Yuina takes charge of the waitress part, and Minko takes charge of the cooking part. Rather apt, I must say.

Unfortunately, Minko’s professionalism comes into play in the discussion for the menu and she falls out with her group. That was some nasty argument.

While it does seem a bit ironic that Minko’s saying all this (since she’s kinda influenced by love on her side as well), she does have her points. For one, insisting that omurice be put on the menu just because your crush loves it, and then escalating it into an argument? Not something a sensible highschooler would do.

Anyways, there’s more screentime for Nako this week (even though it looks like it’s going to be a Minko-centric arc), something which I would like to see more of from now on (yesh, Nako-biasedness kicking in). That naming of the art piece from Mizuno-san was pretty interesting.

Also, Minko fanservice! I prefer Nako fanservice, but this works too! -nosebleed-

Ko-chan makes a cameo this episode as well! Though I would’ve preferred if he made a reappearance in ways other than this…

Still, crossdressing and bath scenes, we can’t ask for more!

Next episode:

I don’t understand it, either.

Looks like the argument over omurice’ll continue on next week. Ugh.

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