Spinning round and round~

I’m really tired, ugh. Really really tired.

So tired that I don’t think I’ll be able to finish my Ikoku Meiro no Croisée 06 and Mayo Chiki! 06 post anytime soon. And by anytime soon, I mean by the weekend.

Not like anyone reads those posts anyway, right? ^_^

Strangely Ayako’s subs for Ikoku Meiro no Croisée 06 hasn’t been released yet. Maybe their translators are on vacation? Anyway that might not be such a bad thing since I’m too tired to watch them anyway.

Plus I have quite a bit of things to do for the next week, ugh. I have to run 800m and 4x400m relay on Monday, and I’ve a feeling I’ll die horribly for both… Maybe not so much for 4x400m, but I’m going to die so badly for 800m. Suddenly I don’t feel like running anymore. And then there’s a test the following day on Tuesday. Normally I wouldn’t be feeling this worried, but it’s PPV (yesh, polar coordinates, suck that), and I’m not in the least confident of getting even a 70% for that test, so I have to revise!

I have to finish up my Physics and Math assignment as well, which will probably take me two hours tomorrow.

I have to worry about non-school stuff as well! STGCC is around the corner (it’s happening in a week), I haven’t bought tickets for it yet, neither have I bought an artbook yet! For those wondering, I’m buying an artbook so that Kishida Mel can sign it on the day itself, yay! Hope I get a signature! I’ll most likely get an artbook from the Atelier series since there aren’t any other Kishida Mel artbooks that’ve caught my attention. I do wish he would release one for Hanasaku Iroha, though. Or maybe Kami-sama no Memo-chou! That would be good too!

As such, I’ll probably have to pick a day to go down to Kinokuniya to get the artbook. And all the funds to buy that book’ll probably burn a whole in my wallet. There’s only 3 months left before AFA 2011! How’m I supposed to save up for that?

I’ll have to cut down on all outings with friends and live a life of a hikikomori, then. Not like I haven’t been doing so lately anyway.

Just rambling on and on because I’m actually sick and tired.

Came down with gastric flu yesterday. I’m fine enough to go to school today, but still feeling kinda queasy.

I’m thinking of writing my posts in Japanese. Would be a good practice because I hardly type in Japanese anyway. Not even on Twitter. Just a thought. Not sure where I’ll find the time and content, though.

Also, I feel like starting a song translation project. Been wanting to translate some songs recently, but haven’t got down to doing so because I’m not very confident, plus I’ve had no time. Suggestions anyone? Limited to Japanese anime songs, though.

You’re probably sick of hearing me say random stuff, so I’ll just end the post here and go to sleep. This took me longer than I expected.

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