Mayo Chiki! – 06

Damn you Kanade, it was you all along!

I guess that was very Kanade-like, riling up the two factions of the Subaru fan club. Should’ve seen that coming.

Jirou never gets a day of rest, eh?

And Kanade exacting her “revenge” by teasing Jirou, FFFF——

And I thought that we wouldn’t see much of Kanade since the first 12 minutes passed by without her…

Kanade, why you so awesome?

Looks like Subaru’s learnt stuff from Nako, eh? :D

Just wondering though, how does no one realize that Subaru’s a female by now with her chest…being so prominent with the Chinese dress? .___.

Asumin’s character’s properly introduced as well. Apparently Nakuru’s (that’s Asumin’s character) a first-year in the Hobby Club. Makes you wonder what that club does…

But a sheep? Really?

Usami turns out to be a really lonely girl just like Subaru. Well fine, that was kinda obvious throughout the entire episode.

It seems that she’s made friends with Subaru and Jirou in the end, though. Good for her.

With this, the Usami(n) arc comes to an end! What’s next?

Next episode:

Another mizugi episode? Mayo Chiki! sure loves the mizugi very much, eh?

Subaru with megane? Do want!

Keep the mizugi fanservice coming~

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