Ikoku Meiro no Croisée – 06

Oh wow, where can I get those photos? I WANT! D<

"May I go and have my picture taken? Pretty please?"

No one’s going to refuse Yune when she puts up that face. HNGGGG.

So that’s what a crinoline looked like. It does resemble a bird’s cage, heh. And I probably wouldn’t be imagine the discomfort and hassle of wearing one, but it does look pretty uncomfortable.

Yune in Alice’s dress, HNGGGGG.

Alice’s maids have quite the fast hands. Awesome maids. D<

Yune finds out for herself that the crinoline sometimes restricts movement, preventing one from reaching for stuff too far away from them (just like a bird cage). We find out that Yune’s too cute, HNGGGGG.

This is the final product of the photo taken. The expressions on Alice and Yune’s faces are pretty funny ww, a result of Yune’s compulsion to chase after the cat. How cute~

Oh, it seems that there’s something going on between Camille and Claude. I wonder what that is? -wink wink-

Next episode:

Could this be…Yune’s sister? O:

Looks like Yune’s going to fall sick next episode. Oh dear.

I’ll probably watch the next episode tomorrow when I’ve time, along with Hanasaku Iroha 20. Yay, more Yune!

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