Hanasaku Iroha – 20

L-O-V-E, Tohru gets an extra big serving of love!

So it seems that omurice’s been reintroduced into the class menu through Nako and Ohana’s demonstration of preparing omurice differently.

The one Minko makes still looks the best, though. And mouth-watering.

Loli Minko too cute! HNGGGGG.

Seems like Minko has learned how to cook omurice through observing others cook it when she was young. Gotta admit, the one she made was really good-looking, I don’t think I’ve had omurice cooked in that way before…

Would like to try that out sometime! I wish orz.

Ohana suffers the consequences of her actions as she’s forced to eat the samples done by Minko as she tries to cook omurice the Ohana way wwwww.

Eventually it seems like the whole thing’s a big success, with Minko reconciling with the group and making that love omurice for Tohru. :3

Mizuno even does a painting based on Nako titled “Tomodachi” (friends). It looks really lovely, although it looks pretty abstract to me… >.>

And Mizuno did name that painting “Sloppy Omurice”…wwww

I don’t know how I feel about this arc. The resolution felt kinda weak, and the drama felt forced at times. Oh well, at least it’s over.

Plus, we got to see loli Minko, so I’m good. And we had good levels of Nako screentime, so that’s a plus too~

Next episode:

There’re so many pairings right now I can’t tell who’s getting married. Can’t possibly be Takako/Enishi, right? RIGHT? D:

Might possibly be Tohru, for all we know. :3

Looks like “死ね” is going to make a comeback. How long has it been already since we’ve heard it?

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