Ikoku Meiro no Croisée – 07

Oh no, Yune’s sick!

Okay, like what we saw from last episode’s preview, Yune does fall sick, and it seems like the typical cold (ah, it’s always the cold, isn’t it?).

A review on the events before Yune falls ill:

Yune, being very very nice, gives the thief from last time the leftover bread from breakfast; in return, the thief must not steal and make people sad. D’aww Yune, you’re too nice.

"Claude, you've broken my maiden heart..." *sob*

However, Claude reproaches her for being childish and being too nice to the little thief. He’s right in his own way, but he’s kinda being too harsh on Yune.

Alice comes to save the day (and to provide some comedy and drama ww)! LOL at her mixing up the usage of the Japanese things. A tea leaf scoop as a hair ornament, a writing brush as a makeup brush, hahaha Alice you’re awesome.

Claude seeks help from the Blanche family in the end by asking Alice to get a doctor for Yune. He also asks for a recipe for rice porridge so that he can cook it for Yune. Claude so sweet~

But is there really a need to get a recipe for rice porridge? ._______.

We still don't know the name of the flower we saw that day--- *gets shot*

Yune eventually gets better. The thief even gave her a flower (which name we don’t know, heh). Is that actually a flower that was picked by the thief himself or stolen from someone?

The episode ends off with Claude giving Yune a kiss, which is supposed to signify close relations between the two. D’aww, so touching.

Next episode:

Claude as a child! It seems that he and Camille go a long way back…

I could die for Yune’s smile, HNGGGG.

As usual, can’t wait for next week!

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