STGCC 2011 – Day 1

First day of STGCC, what do we have?

Get ready for loads of photos. I took around 200 today, deleted about 80 lousy ones. Obviously I won’t be showing all of the photos. Only showing the best!

Photo quality might not be too good with some photos (in fact, I think most of them were pretty bad safe for the still shots) because I was shooting with a compact camera and it’s not exactly very good, so bear with the lousy quality if any.

Going to split this up into various sections, each representing the places I went to or events I attended.

Well then, let’s go!

Kishida Mel’s Walk of Fame

Reached Halls 401 and 402 (that’s the location where STGCC was held) at around 11.15 am. I was kinda scared that I wouldn’t be able to get Kishida Mel’s autograph (his autograph session was from 11 am to 12 noon). Yes, I’m that paranoid.

Luckily for me, the queue wasn’t that long, lucky! This photo was taken while I was queuing up. So many people queuing up for Kipi’s photograph session. I kinda wish I had time to go there. She was cosplaying as Shana today! ):

Oh my god, I'm going to stare at this for days.

And this is what he signed! I gave him the KamiMemo novel that I bought on Thursday to sign. Look at that signature, so cool!

It’s the first autograph I’ve ever gotten! And it goes to Kishida Mel! Yay!

I shall attempt to get his autograph again tomorrow. I shall buy another KamiMemo novel tomorrow!

The STGCC staff gave away these posters when one attended Kishida Mel’s autograph session. So nice of them, it’s better than wasting that one autograph per day per person on an event guide.

Would’ve been so much better if it was a Hanasaku Iroha poster, though.

Both pictures above taken at home. You wouldn’t think I would’ve taken it there and then, no? D<

Oh god, I actually got to take a photo with him. I even shook hands with him! This is too good to be true. -fangasm-

Notice how he’s taller than me. He’s like, at least 180 cm tall. So cool! I look so short wwww.

Kinda messed up while talking to him. I was too nervous, so I started stumbling on my words. I wanted to say I wanted to say “岸田さんに会えて本当に嬉しい” (I’m really happy to see you) but it came out as “岸田さんに会れて本当に嬉しい” (Really fail grammar with wrong conjugation, ugh) instead.


People playing fighting games for some competition. Not interested, so I moved on.

Artist Wall

Passed by this wall where they let the public freely draw there. Kyouko! :D


Apparently Animax was promoting Shangri-La—- hang on, wasn’t that quite an old anime? .___________.

501st Legion

Awesome Star Wars cosplay by the 501th Legion (Singapore Garrison). This looks really badass.

All your clones are belong to us~

This…is just plain badass.

All your vehicles are belong to us, too. Along with more clones.

This was to the left of the previous photo. Now imagine an entire army of clones and vehicles. Oh, god.


Nanoblocks! Pretty cool, but you can get this at Action City anytime…


Went over to Tokidoki’s booth afterwards. Whoa, those posters are pretty expensive…

Hot Toys

Next up, Hot Toys!

Oooh, Bruce Lee!

Seems like Iron Man’s pretty popular. This one looks really badass.

This looks totally cool. Nice to place in your house. :3

Comic Creators: East meets West

Went for this event at the stage because I was really bored. I left a few minutes after I took this photo ’cause it wasn’t really interesting.


Oh, Kotobukiya makes such awesome figures. Too bad there weren’t any anime ones on display, but these look cool enough!

They really do make nice figures…


Went out for lunch afterwards (since I was kinda bored anyway). Saw these cosplayers cosplaying, they’re pretty good~

Of course, there’re not-so-good ones, but still, they have the courage and enthusiasm to cosplay! I don’t, sadly. ;_;

Went to Macdonald’s for lunch. Nothing much really.

Saw this gigantic poster near the ticket sales counter while I was coming back from lunch. Oh, it’s this picture again. :D

Cosplay: From Japan with Love

Rushed back in time for Kipi and Jacky Dosai’s session. There was an extensive Q&A session then. Here in this photo (taken from the screen which showed a zoomed in scene) is Kipi (on the left) and the translator on Kipi’s right. See, I told you she was cosplaying as Shana. And she’s so cute!

The translator kinda screwed up, though. She sounded too nervous and cramped up. Made a few mistakes here and there too. Well, not like I could’ve done better…

And this one here was Jacky Dosai (on the right) and the emcee to his left. Jacky’s a pretty interesting guy, but also quite deep at times. He’s so nice!

The emcee was better than the translator, comparatively. Made me wonder why there was a need for a translator in the first place if the emcee spoke and understood Japanese as well as the translator…

And I understood a large part of the entire session even though Kipi and Jacky Dosai spoke in Japanese! Yay!

Here in this photo is Kipi and Jacky Dosai posing for the cameras. Photo quality isn’t that good because I was pretty far away from them and my zoom isn’t that great (this was maxed 3x zoom).

Paul Levitz’s Walk of Fame

After that session I went straight to Paul Levitz’s autograph session. Was searching for a DC comic to let him sign, but I gave up since I knew nuts about them. In case anyone’s wondering, I’m getting Paul Levitz’s signature for Ian ’cause tomorrow’s his birthday and he likes DC. Yay, happy birthday!

In the end I just got him to sign the STGCC poster I received when I bought my tickets. It isn’t exactly very visible, but oh well.

After this, I went with Kevin and camped through Kieron Gillen and Andrew Bell’s spotlight sessions just to get front seats for Kishida Mel’s spotlight session. Yes, we’re that hardcore.

Spotlight on Andrew Bell

Went for Andrew Bell’s dialogue session, but before that, a Q&A from the emcee! Apparently the prizes were a pair of tickets to Zouk. Kevin went to answer the questions simply to get the tickets, haha. But wait, he can’t use them (and neither can I) ’cause we weren’t 18 yet (18 and above for admission into Zouk). Damn troll, that Kevin.

And that’s Andrew Bell, on the left. The emcee sounded a bit Singaporean and used some Singlish at times. I was kinda bored throughout the entire event since I wasn’t really interested in Android toys… Sorry.

But they look kinda cool. More photos on them later.

Spotlight on Kishida Mel

Now, the event we’ve been waiting for, Kishida Mel’s dialogue session! :DDDD

Kishida Mel gave a short introduction to himself first. Apparently he was a stage actor before he became an illustrator, how interesting! He made a right choice being an illustrator wwww.

He then proceeded to show us some of his works (which was supposedly unknown to some).

Kishida Mel spoke in Japanese, by the way (of course he would). So yay for me, I can understand!

This is a photo of Alice standing in front of a vintage clothes shop. Pretty good, right! According to Kishida Mel, this was the cover for the drama CD of KamiMemo. I want!

The female translator came back on (remember her from Kipi and Jacky Dosai’s stage event?), and I was facepalming when she couldn’t translate “vintage clothes shop”. Oh god, so fail.

This here probably wouldn’t be new to anyone who’s read the KamiMemo novels. It’s the cover of the fourth volume. Apparently the butterflies are supposed to be a major plot point. Oooh, time to buy those novels.

This is the sixth volume of the same series, which looks absolutely fabulous. Maybe I should buy this tomorrow and have Kishida-sensei sign it?

I think this was one of the pictures inside the sixth volume. I must get this for Kishida-sensei to sign it!

And finally, on to Hanasaku Iroha! I’m sure many of you here have seen this picture around, but still!

This should look pretty familiar, too. I wouldn’t mind having a poster of this to have him sign tomorrow… :D

Character designs for Hanasaku Iroha! This one here is Ohana, in case it isn’t clear enough. I think it was bundled along with the BDs of Hanasaku Iroha. I want!

And this is Minko-hime! Apparently her character design was accepted on the first try. Guess no one can resist long dark-haired bishoujo, eh? xD

Nako! Ahhhh this is goodness. I want her character designs! HNGGGG.

Oh, apparently Kishida Mel’s favorite character in Hanasaku Iroha is Nako, because of how she ties her hair in a bun when working and then in braids in other occasions. I’m so glad I have the same taste as the artist himself! -fangasm-

This is Tohru’s character design. He looks pretty cool from these designs. Then again, he was kinda cool to begin with…

I can see why Minko-hime fell for him now. :D

This is an uncolored sketch of Ohana, Minko and Nako. Looks good enough!

This is another sketch, complete with shadings, although the color hasn’t been added in yet. Still, it’s an awesome piece of Hanasaku Iroha art.

And how can a display of Kishida Mel’s works not include the Atelier series? Here’s a rough sketch of Rorona from Atelier Rorona, I believe.

This one here is a preliminary drawing of Rorona and Totori for the cover of the Dengeki Playstation magazine. Uncolored, as seen here.

And this is the finished product, which I’m sure we’ve seen at least thrice today (my poster, the giant poster near the ticketing counters and this one). Kishida Mel’s coloring’s really good!

Yet another uncolored drawing of Rorona. Wait till the color gets filled in…

Woahhhh, this is good. Can I have this for a poster? wwwww

I wouldn’t mind hanging it in my room. Totally not. Better yet if it was autographed by Kishida Mel. :D

Next up was some of his other works. This picture here was one of his earliest works, done about 4 years ago (in 2007). According to Kishida Mel, he was just starting out at that time, so it wasn’t that good. I say otherwise, though. It’s so pretty darn good. Don’t think I would be able to it. =w=

This drawing’s about a girl grilling fish. Apparently Kishida Mel wanted to try something different, and so came up with this. Pretty good too, I must say. Yum yum.

I believe this drawing here was taken from Pistil, his artbook from C77. It’s more sci-fi orientated, something we don’t see too often from Kishida Mel.

This picture is another one of Kishida Mel’s works which I have never seen. According to him, he found the scenery near his apartment to be very beautiful and decided to draw it as the background. He then added a girl in the foreground to complete. I guess a girl always complete things, eh? xD

Kishida Mel then showed us his working area. This is his room here. It looks pretty simple, but has a sort of sophisticated vibe around it. An artist vibe perhaps? =w=

A closer look at his worktable. Notice how there doesn’t seem to be any paper on the table? That’s because he does all his drawings on his tablet! Yes, from sketching to shading to coloring, all done on his tablet! Pretty awesome, I would say. Not many artists do this!

And alas, the hour with Kishida Mel passed too fast. Soon it was time to end the spotlight session, but not before some posing for the cameras!


Kishida Mel and his “kani” (crab) pose! Ahahaha this is really awesome. :D

I want him to come back next year for STGCC! :DDDDD


Went over to the ZANEEDS booth after the event to check out their works afterwards. I’m normally not a fan of Vocaloid, but the posters were so cute I had to take pictures of them!

This is another one of their posters. I found it so cute~

Don’t think it was on sale, though.

A photo of their other works. The poster costed $5, didn’t buy it because I didn’t find that poster worth $5. But then again, it probably is worth $5, so I’ll go back tomorrow and get it.

Also, I want the tumbler, but it wasn’t on sale. Pity.

I should go back to buy the T-shirt tomorrow, too. It looks really great! I didn’t buy it today because I wanted to get permission to buy it so that I wouldn’t be scolded for wasting money. =w=

I did give into the temptation to buy the ZANEEDS #SG CD, though. I’m not really a fan of Vocaloid, like I said, but for the price of $5, it was simply irresistible. I can’t possibly get a Japanese CD for the price of $5 in Singapore anywhere else, even if it was doujin (fan-made). And the cover’s so cute too! So I bought it and even had it autographed! I think this one’s the autograph of Torino, the DJ.

And this is the insides of the CD, with yet another autograph by Torino on the alternate cover! I asked for it and he just gave it to me, he’s so nice! And the CD itself looks pretty good too, the art on it’s fabulous!

Gonna keep this properly~

Andrew Bell

Remember Andrew Bell? He’s the maker of the Android toys (which sadly I’ve never heard of before), and he was doing like a live drawing session of sorts which he drew (and autographed, I presume) stuff for people. His drawings may not be Japanese-style, but it looks pretty good as well!

This strange looking thing here’s actually one of the toys he’s made, called Ono Sashimi. It’s kinda interesting. Actually, it is stated that it’s not a toy, rather it’s a work of art. It does indeed look more like a work of art than a toy…

I wanted to get one of his Android toys, but I didn’t actually have enough money left to get them. They were at $10 to $15 each, and if I bought them I wouldn’t be able to buy dinner back home. Oh well, I’ll come back tomorrow!

Dragon’s Nest

They were advertising this new RPG MMO at STGCC called Dragon’s Nest. Found it to be pretty interesting, so I signed up for it. The picture here’s one of a cosplayer cosplaying as an elven archer, I would presume? That seems to be the most popular class around…

Still, the graphics and whatnot look pretty cool, so I might give it a try. Might.

There was this free coupon to try and grab a plushie using the UFO catcher machine if you signed up. Since I had signed up already, I decided to try my hand at grabbing the plushie.

I failed horribly.

Then again, so did many others.

ZANEEDS’ Performance

There was this ZANEEDS Vocaloid concert at 6 pm, so I went to check it out. It was pretty cool seeing the members of ZANEEDS on stage, waving those really cool light sticks.

I left early, though. Wasn’t exactly feeling very well, plus I couldn’t stand Hatsune Miku’s voice being blasted through my ears, so…yeah.

Coming back tomorrow! I’ll be sure to get Kishida Mel’s signature again! I hope I get it, though. I’m expecting a big crowd this time.

That’s it for the first day! Stay tuned for the second day!

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