STGCC 2011 – Day 2

We continue on to the next day! Day 2 of STGCC, here I come!

Much less photos this time, I took the bulk of the photos on the first day, after all.


Saw cosplayers as usual. Not surprised, since the cosplay tournament was today.

"H-Hmph, i-it's not as if I cosplayed for your sake! Don't be ridiculous!"

Tsundere cosplayer? xD

Ran straight for the stage to catch Shizuka Ito’s spotlight event because it was already 2.35 pm by the time I reached Suntec Convention Centre (her event started at 3 pm).

Spotlight on Shizuka Ito

This is probably the only photo I got for the entire event. Photography and filmography wasn’t allowed, after all. I shall respect the copyrights of Shizuka Ito! Shame to those who sneaked in some shots. :P

She did a live dub of the scene in Hayate no Gotoku, whooh! Remember the birthday scene in Hakuou in episode 13 of Hayate no Gotoku S2? Yes, she did 10 mins worth of live dub today! It was so cool! Words can’t really express it, but it felt really godly.

According to her, it’s the longest live dub she’s ever done! Whoooh! The $10 I’ve paid was totally worth it! \o/

Plus plus, she did some extra live dubs! Roles she did briefly were:

Ryouko Ookami from Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi
Hinagiku Katsura from Hayate no Gotoku
Takei Hisa from Saki
Haruka Morishima from Amagami SS.

Totally awesome. Especially Haruka’s dub.

As expected though, everyone was clamoring for Hinagiku and Haruka. So was I! D<

The Saki dub surprised me, though. Wasn't ready for that. Takei Hisa ftw!

Like yesterday's Kishida Mel's spotlight session, this one passed by really fast, too. I was able to catch 80% of what Shizuka Ito said without the translator's help, which is kinda awesome. :D

Shizuka Ito's event, done! Now what?

Kishida Mel’s Walk of Fame

Again? You bet! One autograph’s never enough!

And this is the result! KamiMemo vol. 6, just as I’d said yesterday!

In fact, I had bought volume 7 hoping for someone to help me get the autograph but I failed… Oh well. I have two, that’s more than enough!

Took another photo with Kishida Mel! I look kinda bad in this photo, I should’ve put down my bag. UGHHHHHHH. D:

Plus, my hoodie looks kinda crooked. ):

I went home after the autograph event, actually. Didn’t want to stay for the cosplay event since I was feeling unwell (I was actually close to throwing up again, ugh).

I checked the ZANEEDS booth before I left, but alas, the posters and T-shirts were sold out. I should’ve gotten them yesterday! ウワァァ—–。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。—–ン!!!!

Oh well, all is well since I have those two autographs from Kishida Mel-sensei! -fanboying-

I look forward to next year’s STGCC! There’s AFA 2011 in three months as well, I’m even more excited for that event! Yay!

Well then, that’s it for me this year. :D

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