Mayo Chiki! – 07

Oh, god. This episode’s going to be awesome.

"Elope with me please, Jirou?"

Subaru why you so cute?

Jirou finds out his drink’s been spiked (LOL), faints and…

OH SHI----

…Finds himself next to Kanade.


Kanade’s too awesome. -headdesks Kuroko-style-


Kanade, you… -headdesks even more-

FFFFFF—- Subaru in that bikini, HNGGGGGGGGG.

Excuse me while I stare at this picture for another five minutes. JIIIIIIII~

Uh oh, Jirou, uh oh.

I can see where this’ headed.

"Ne ne Jirou, shall we smash the watermelon with this spiky bat, or play with sand in this gigantic hole?"

Subaru has very dangerous versions of beach games indeed.

Jirou runs away and bumps into Kureha, Narumi and Usami at some restaurant by the beach and er…

Jirou gives Subaru glasses and Kanade gives Subaru a fake alias!

But seriously, Takanashi Punyuru? HAHAHAHAHA.

Oh god, megane Subaru. This is getting better and better. -nosebleed-

Even Kanade can’t resist Subaru moe.

Kanade, you jelly? xD


That’s what you get for two-timing with Usami, Jirou! D<

It turned out to be Usami trying to cure Jirou of his phobia. Geez, everyone seems to want to do that with Jirou… =w=

Oh, it’s Nagare.

Hey there Subaru Punyuru, don’t be scared—-

Oh Subaru, you’re awesome.

Kanade + Subaru Punyuru mindfucking Nagare together = win. Poor Nagare.

Good job Subaru Punyuru, go call the cops on your father uncle! xD

Nagare eventually falls to the massive mindfuck given to him by Kanade and Subaru Punyuru. Once again, poor guy.

But at least it was funny. :D

This’ the best episode so far. Too bad to those people who’ve dropped this series, it’s really great!

More comedy next week? :D

Next episode:

Ofuro scene? Do want! -nosebleed-

Looks like parts of Subaru’s past’ll be revealed. Seems to be involving her mother (at least, I think that’s her mother).

More drama, it would seem.

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