Hanasaku Iroha – 21

WHAAAAAAT?! EnishixTakako? D:

Enishi + ing = Enishing?

Seriously, Takako? Enishing? What kind of nickname is that?!

Sui (Ohana’s grandmother) doesn’t object to the marriage, but on the condition that they hold the marriage ceremony. Which wouldn’t have been too hard to fulfill except that neither of them have enough money to do so.

Ohana comes up with the idea of using Kissuiso as the place to hold the ceremony. Wonderful idea to drag the entire staff into their troubles as usual.

"Have five babies with me, Minko!"

LOL Tohru you teaser. :3

Oh no Tohru, you do not go there. D<

LOL @ Minko panicking when Tohru asks if she would like to stop for a while.

Obviously it wasn’t the hotel. Ooooh, Minko-hime got trolled. :3

Minko gets really jealous after Tohru starts mentioning about Ohana. I can see all the jealousy building up…

Can't deny that.

Minko finally breaks and throws a jealous fit at Ohana. Ohana is left wondering what’s just happened.

Ohana, why you steal all the limelight? D:

Oh Nako, you can’t possibly get pregnant from reading ecchi lines. Though the idea of having Aki-chan read some ero-lines sounds pretty tempting.

If Nako does read them out next episode, I’ll give Jiroumaru a medal for being awesome.

Nako comes up with yet another excellent idea of using the curtains to make a wedding dress for Takako. Wonder how that’ll turn out.

And a flashback! D’aww Sui’s husband was such a sweetie. Pretty touching flashback.

Touched Takako’s heart who’d gone to see Sui. And she finds out that Sui still doesn’t intend to let her take over the inn. Expected.

This arc gets boring easily. The most interesting part was easily Nako’s overreaction to the script (Yay Nako!) and the explosion of Minko’s jealousy at Ohana.

Not interested in Takako and Enishing, sorry.

Next episode:

Oh, Tomoe!

Just hurry up and end this arc, ugh. =w=

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