Ikoku Meiro no Croisée – 08

Kyaa, Yune with a ribbon! The beauty and cuteness of this!

Claude and Yune visit the Blanche family to repay them for taking care of Yune when she was sick (recall last episode?).

And to visit Claude’s kitten from the Blanche family wwwww.

D’aww mini-Claude and mini-Camille! Camille used to have that sort of feelings towards Claude, eh…?

Now there seems to be tension between the two… I wonder what caused that?

Back to Yune and Alice. Momotaro the peach man? .________________.

Yune in a peach, I want I want!

Hey, doesn’t this story sound really familiar?

D’aww Alice! You’ve to admit, it’s a pretty good story for something a ten-year old wrote.

Camille eventually gives the dress she wore then to Yune. Ahhhhh.

Aww, Camille got on the dragon in the end! So touching~

Next episode:

More mini-Claude and mini-Camille!

Yune in a beret? DO WANT!


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