Hanasaku Iroha – 22

Uh, congratulations, Ohana?

Final preparations for the wedding! The episode turned out better than I’d expected, thanks to the drama.

Took you long enough to decide on that, Ohana.

The fight between Ohana and Minko continues and Ohana tells Minko that she’s decided to pursue a one-sided love for Ko instead of going out with Tohru as Minko would’ve liked.

But er, Ohana, it’s not a one-sided love. If any, it’s more of a one-sided love on Ko’s part. He’s still in Tokyo, and he’s still waiting for an answer, so what’s with the one-sided love thing there? I’m going to facepalm if it’s revealed that Ohana didn’t realize Ko liked her, even with that blatant confession in the first episode.

"Don't worry, Ohana, it's my job from here on."

Their conversation is overheard by Tohru, and Minko runs away. Ohana tries to chase after Minko but is stopped by Tohru.

Gonna do something, Tohru?

Ooooh, Tohru plays his cards so well. Going for the Minko-hime route, Tohru?

That made Minko happy enough to get back to the inn and try out the dress (made from curtains), though. It looks so good on Minko-hime! As expected of a hime!


Nako wears it better. HNGGGGGG.

And Takako with her dress. Gotta admit, she does look kinda good in that… (although Minko and Nako obviously wears it better D<)

On to the wedding itself~

Beanman 1 Tomoe 0. Oh, Beanman you’re good.

Satsuki gets the prize for the most awesome congratulatory speech.

Beanman. Freakin’ WIN. I’m at a loss of words for this.


Jiroumaru takes his creepy fetishes to a whole new level. Screw you, Jiroumaru.

I’m glad Nako didn’t go along with his script. I would’ve killed Jiroumaru for doing that. D<

I lost, I facepalmed at that scene.

The wedding goes without a hitch. Also, it seems that Kimiko (singer of nano.RIPE) made a cameo in this episode, being the guest singer for the wedding. Pretty good way to put in the insert song there, P.A. Works.

And it seems like the EnishixTakako arc has now ended. What’s left…?

Wait, what? Sealing the Kissuiso? Sui’ll be closing down Kissuiso? NO WAY.

Ohana’s not going to let that happen.

Next episode:

Oh Ko, you’re back for (possibly) the final arc!

A cliffhanger ending for this episode, it would seem. Seems like Ohana’ll be going back to Tokyo to wrap things up there.

The story began in Tokyo, so will it end in Tokyo?

Can’t wait for Sundays to come any sooner now. \o/

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