Mayo Chiki! – 08

Oh Nagare, you’re still here? Poor thing, living in a tent outside the resort wwww.

Jirou continues his life in the resort.

Nakuru, you trying to be Erio?


Jirou finds himself in awkward situations as always.


Out of the frying pan into the fire? wwww

Subaru gives Nagare a Subaru Uppercut after Nagare tries to attack Jirou. Tsk Nagare, you shouldn’t have.

Off to the festival itself.

Oh Kanade, you’re so good at this. *bows*

Jirou finds Punyuru Subaru after she goes missing during the festival, holding her tight and consoling her even though it’s going to make him pass out. D’aww, Jirou. Raising flags there, I see.

And then it’s Battle Royale! Winner gets a kiss from Subaru!

Oh god Nagare, why you so hard up for your own daughter? www

Nakuru, you trying to be Ohana?

That girl’s creepy. Mark my words.

Yep, Nakuru’s confirmed for being creepy and a pervert. As if we didn’t know that.

Ooooh, Subaru makes the first move? :D

Wondering what’s Jirou’s response to that. Oh well, we’ll have to wait for one more week to find out.

Next episode:

The girls in meido fuku? Do want!

The episode title doesn’t sound as exciting as the previous eight titles…. D:

Oh well, four more days to Mayo Chiki! 09!

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