That translation project.

Hey there.

So I’m starting on my own song translation project here. Apparently I’ve a Japanese project to do, and since translation’s one of the possible topics there, I figured I might as well try my hand at it. Especially song translations… ^_^

I guess I do have some candidates at hand, I do want to try translating sphere’s LET.ME.DO!!, so…

If there’re any song translation requests, please do post them here, or you can fill up the contact form and send me the request. Do send me a link where I can listen to the song, and it’ll be very helpful if Kanji lyrics are provided.

Songs must obviously be in Japanese. =w=

Note that translations might not be entirely correct. I’ll do my best to make them as good as possible, but there might be some errors here and there. If anyone of you spot any, do correct me, yeah?

Then, I’ll start translating~

Credits for the picture used above goes to キノ of Pivix!

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