Hanasaku Iroha – 23

Oh, so it’s back to Tokyo? This time with Takako, too!

So Takako goes to Tokyo to find that producer who scammed Kissuiso that other time (remember Hanasaku Iroha 17?), in order to get him to cough out the money that he scammed the other time from Kissuiso. All this in an effort to persuade Sui not to close down Kissuiso.

Ohana tags along because of things she has to settle with her mom and of course, Ko-chan (hasn’t this been the case since like, episode 1?)

Ohana going to Tokyo probably means that Minko and Nako’s screentime’ll be cut. Oh dear. ;A;

The producer tries to run away but finds out the hard way that Takako packs a punch in her and can fight. Ouchh.

Takako-obasan! 8D

On the other hand, Ko meets up with Ohana’s mother. Oh yeaaah, Satsuki goodness.

Yeaaaah, Satsuki’s so awesome. 8D

Who needs porn when you have six loli elementary school girls, Subaru Ko?

In all truth, yes. Ko knows how to play his cards. :D

Ko watches the clip taken from Kissuiso with Satsuki. Nope, no porn there, as promised.

Oh good lord, Tomoe, what with that makeup? And with that overly high-pitched voice to boot!

Also, I don’t think you’re twenty-three years old, Tomoe… ._____.

And the episode ends with Ko walking home—

Oh. I expected this. 8D

Ohana and Ko’s meeting! And the episode truly ends because we know that this is the kind of cliffhanger Hanasaku Iroha throws at us! :D

Next episode:

“This” must be really obvious if even Ohana can understand it. :3

But, what exactly is “this”?

OHHHHHH, did we not know this? Sui’s the final boss! >D

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