Ikoku Meiro no Croisée – 09

Oh, Camille does have a lot on her shoulders, eh?

The story starts to really kick in, with more of Camille and Claude’s past being touched on this episode.

More flashbacks!

Mini-Claude is cute mini-Claude. Amazing how he got the hang of riding a bicycle at his first attempt (I presume it’s his first time given his reaction to the bicycle), it took me a few tries to get used to it. Or maybe it’s just me being real bad at riding a bicycle.

Alan sure knows his stuff wwww.

Seems that the reason why Camille refused to hang out with Claude outside of her house was that she made a promise with her nannies on keeping Claude’s relationship with her a secret from her parents.

Don’t think it was that hard to figure out, was it?

There, Claude, you have it explicitly explained to you.

Camille does have a lot of burden on her shoulders, doesn’t she? She probably has to avoid having too complicated a relationship with Claude because of Claude, and yet has to maintain her aristocratic appearance. Must be hard on her. .______.

Maybe that’s the whole reason why their relationship’s in such a shape.

Can’t wait to see the next episode. Shall make the post for Ikoku Meiro 10 tomorrow, since I’m kinda tired tonight.

Sorry for the late post!

Can this really cute picture of Yune make up for my late post? :D

Next episode:

"Claude, I'm your father. No, really."

Is this Claude’s father? Looks pretty stern to me.

More Claude flashbacks! Also, phantasmagoria!

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